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A Sculpette is a Sculptura insider. You can become a Sculpette by subscribing to our email list. Sculpettes receive a free workout video every week to do at home during covid isolation. I try to include something funny, clever or thoughtful in each newsletter along with the video, which often doesn’t get shared anywhere else. My goal is to get you laughing, and to get you moving. 

about me

Hey! I’m Essa. I have degrees in Kinesiology (exercise science) and Music (conducting), and I am incredibly lucky that I get to work in not one but two fields I am passionate about. People tell me I’m exceptionally kind and a good listener. I deeply believe that fitness should be joyful, and that’s how I approach Sculptura.

about sculptura

Sculptura Fitness is a tiny online fitness studio that holds interactive group classes a few times a week. I started Sculptura in 2010, in Halifax NS. Sculptura is a labour of love, and I do everything myself. I love the personal connection I have with my Sculpettes. The goal of Sculptura is to allow a lifestyle transformation that allows ladies to enjoy their exercise routine, and look forward to it for its own sake. There is no long-term commitment required to attend classes, but our members tend to stay for years.

the classes

 Classes have been primarily online since 2016. We use a group video call where everyone can talk, to feel like we’re all in the same room together. 


This mat-based class is all about challenging that core! Pilates exercises and cardio core exercises both show up, so you get to work deep postural muscles as well as getting that heart pumping. With a different combination of exercises each time, this 40 minute class flies by.

HIIT bootcamp

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. Intervals are a fantastic way to maximize your workout time, and experience a more intense cardiovascular and fat-burning effect. The class runs under an hour, including a relaxing flexibility cool-down, and is not recommended for beginners or anyone trying to avoid high impact.

pilates bootcamp

This class combines strength training, cardiovascular training and Pilates to give you a focused workout with postural awareness, core strength and stability, and intense strength and cardio interval training. The goal is to keep challenging your body in a new way every time, so you are always increasing muscle tone, strength and flexibility. If you have weights or enjoy handling a sack of potatoes, this class often has advanced options for increased resistance (not required).

pilates flow

A 40 minute mat-based class based on the Pilates principles of deep muscle strength, flexibility, and postural awareness. Each movement flows into the next for a seamless workout.

this session

the schedule (may 4-30)

Registration runs in 4-week sessions, although you can also drop in anytime, space permitting. Classes are limited to 12 people in order to keep a high level of conversation and feedback on form. 

TIME ZONE: All times are listed in Atlantic (Eastern + 1hr). So the Monday evening class is at 6:30pm EDT.

7:30pm Pilates Flow (40 min)
9am HIIT Bootcamp (45 min)
7:30pm Coreblast (40 min)
7:30pm Pilates Flow (40min)
10am Pilates Bootcamp (60 min)

The good old days when we were allowed outside together!

how to register

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Early bird options

1-2 classes per week


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save 12%

4-5 classes per week

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After Apr 30



Punch card All classes


To give you some flexibility during covid isolation,

  • All classes are considered drop-ins for now, at the reduced punch card rate.
  • Co-operative schedule building; let me know what works for you on the “requests” page in our signup form, and I’ll try my best to incorporate it into our next session.

what you need

  • A yoga mat and enough space to lie on it. 
  • Internet on any device. (Phones and small tablets work, but you might prefer a bigger screen.)

are we a good fit?

If you’re focusing on other things right now and just don’t have the capacity to add in exercise, that’s ok. Be kind to yourself. We are all doing our best. 

However, if you’ve been trying to make exercise a priority but could use some help, Sculptura’s May session could be just the thing for you. Maybe your kids are suddenly home full-time, and you’re trying to homeschool them on top of your normal daily routine. Maybe work has blown up rather than slowed down. Or maybe everything around you has come to a standstill, your head is constantly swimming, and it’s really difficult to find the motivation to do anything.

With this 4-week session, you just have to make the decision once, and after that all you have to do is turn on your computer at the appointed times. I’ll take care of the rest. You’ll be sweating (and probably laughing!) without having to keep thinking about it.

i'm not sure the classes are right for me, but i want the free workouts

No worries at all; I’m still more than happy to send you the weekly workout videos. Sculpettes used to only be those who attended classes, but we’re adding a new facet to Sculptura with these isolation videos! And you can feel free to email me anytime. Our classes have limited spots anyway; we’re not looking to expand the business, we’re in the business of changing lives. 

where have you been all my life??

When you know, you know. Every once in a while a new Sculpette shows up in class, and it’s like she’s been there forever. I look forward to meeting you!

I love the way one of our wonderful sculpettes put it:

"I feel challenged and nurtured in the same class."

Carmel Mikol,
Sculptura regular 2013-2015,
back for Apr 2020 Sculptura Online

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Keep laughing, keep moving, keep healthy.