April 2020 class schedule

TIME ZONE: All times are listed in Atlantic (Eastern + 1hr). So the Monday evening class is at 6:30pm EDT.

7:30pm Pilates Flow (30 min)
9am Coreblast (30 min)
9am HIIT Bootcamp (45 min)
7:30pm Coreblast (30min)
9am Pilates Flow (30min)
10am Pilates Bootcamp (60 min)

Covid-19 considerations

I want to be as flexible for you as possible in these difficult times:

  • No commitment necessary
  • All classes are considered drop-in, at the punch card rate of $15/class. Memberships and punch cards will resume whenever things calm down.
  • I will reassess our schedule beyond Apr 18 based on the “requests” page in our signup form

What you need

A yoga mat and enough space to lie on it.

To sign up

Our classes are limited to 12 people each, so you need to sign up in advance. At the moment, we’re using an editable Google Doc for class signups, and e-transfers for payments. Click below and I’ll email you the link so you can sign up!